Status Report on the Delaware & Ulster Railroad

Delaware & Ulster Railroad

Update as of September 6, 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, the team at Delaware & Ulster Railroad have been keeping alive the ambition to operate trains during this fall season, when the scenic rides are so popular, and the mountain foliage is in its peak glory. In fact, it had been the ambition of the railroad management to restart train operations in 2020 when the pandemic shut things down. We used that down time for a track reconstruction project to utilize the downtime productively. It was our hope we would have a speedy return.

The tracks really needed care; they had not undergone a major rehabilitation in one hundred years. As it were, attempts were made to quickly repair things, however in the end the only way to do this correctly for the future of the railroad is to fix all the problems before we can even consider running the trains again.

Currently we estimate the project, that began in 2020 between Arkville and Halcottsville, is about 90% or more complete. Given the unexpected complexity of track issues discovered, and a supply chain that seems to want to keep dragging us backwards, with delays on materials and prices spiraling out of control, 90% is a real achievement. The collection of fine people who have been laboring to painstakingly rebuild the track foot by foot and mile by mile deserve our gratitude. They also deserve the project to be seen through to proper completion.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the folks who have patiently waited for years now to take their next ride aboard the Delaware & Ulster Railroad. We appreciate those who value the railroad experience. We are all in this together. Ultimately, the railroad needs people to buy tickets and ride trains, and the customers deserve a safe, dependable, and enjoyable scenic railroad experience.

Now that we are fast approaching autumn, and the workers are continuing to press ahead through the remaining 10% needed to complete the track, it makes sense that we do not divert our focus from the important work at hand. Therefore, we are continuing full steam with construction so we can complete the tracks this season and announce that train rides will resume in 2024.

We will continue to send out periodic updates on our progress. We look forward to seeing you aboard a train in Arkville again as soon as we return to our full capabilities.

All my best,

Todd Pascarella
Executive Director – Catskill Revitalization Corporation
Manager of the Delaware & Ulster Railroad and the Catskill Scenic Trail