Essential Functions of the CRC Staff During COVID-19 Shutdown

We have had recent conversations and questions from our neighbors concerning the essential nature of our paid staff at the CRC.  We believe there maybe a misconception that our current staff is there to prepare the railroad portion of our Company for the 2020 tourist season.  There have been questions to the essentialness of a tourist railroad during this crisis.

The CRC is responsible for maintaining 55 linear miles of property inside Delaware County. The property is close to a 50/50 split between public use trail and right of way with railroad tracks intact. From end to end the property is co-mingled with public utilities, sewer lines and public crossings at grade. In many areas the public utilities and water lines utilize the right of way itself for many miles.  It is VERY important and essential to maintain this property in a state of good repair at ALL times. First the trail remains open for our neighbors to practice solitary exercise as long as they maintain social distancing practices with other trail users. Secondly the  property needs to be kept free of debris and overgrowth to allow public utilities workers unfettered access to their lines and facilities along our property.  As important as above we need to be vigilant with our bridges, culverts and drainage by constantly inspecting them, to ensure they are draining as intended.   A clogged drain or culvert could result in flooding and loss or severe damage to other nearby essential structures such as highway bridges and could be detrimental to the NYC watershed.

At this time we have a minimal full time paid staff reporting to work at our Arkville, NY shop. From that location they are responsible for inspection and maintaining the entire CRC property railroad and trail and keeping in in a state of good repair.  Our neighbors may see some staff members working on railroad or other equipment at times at Arkville, when other inspection and repairs along the right of way have been completed.   The CRC Board of Directors and The General Manger have deemed it unsafe and irresponsible to furlough staff and leave the 55 linear mile property unstaffed and vulnerable to damage that could be extremely unsafe to our communities.

Thank You for your questions and understanding during these trying times.