COVID-19 Statement

Dear Delaware & Ulster Railroad Community:

In these days . . . we are all on a journey . . . that is taking us down a railway line, that we may not know how long it will take us, once again to reach our familiar surroundings along the East Branch of the Delaware River valley.  In the meantime, our focus is on supporting the health and safety of our employees, volunteers, passengers and communities along our lines.

We are all navigating uncharted territory with no preexisting route or familiar way for how we do business: nothing matters more than the safety and health of everyone at the Catskill Revitalization Corporation, our passengers and communities.

With all that we now know about federal, state, and county mandates, as well as the information the medical community has provided evidence urging everyone to reduce non-essential social contact.  We will not be operating any trains for the next few weeks.  We all look forward to hopefully the prospects of returning to operation later this Spring.  In the interest is keeping all well, we will delay our opening, until we can rest in comfort in knowing that this time of caution has passed.  However, in the meantime, we will work on keeping our staff and employees safe, as we continue to work on the tracks, locomotives and equipment of our railroad.  Our hope; is that as better days soon return, we will be prepared to once again operate our trains in the valleys of the Western Catskills.

This journey will reach its end at some point and we will have to wait until we can safely run our trains again for the public.  We will be relying upon our country’s and state’s leadership to guide us through these difficult times.  In the meantime, we will practice safety for our staff and employees, and will endeavor to have our railroad in the strongest possible position to pick up where we left off providing our passenger with memorable train rides.

Take care & keep well . . .

from your friends at the Delaware & Ulster Railroad