Exploring Halcottsvilleadmin

On selective days on our schedule,
you can take the train to Halcottsville,
and come back on the next one,
or even later in the day.

At Halcottsville you can rent a kayak, boat or bicycle from Susan Pleasant Pheasant Farm.  Or for a special treat, refreshments or other specialty items check out “Ella’s Mercantile,” up Bragg Hollow Road from the crossing.  Both of these places are right near the train stop in Halcottsville, so plan a trip with a layover to explore this unique spot along the Route of the Rip Van Winkle Flyer.

Ella’s Mercantile

Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm

Schedule for Exploring Halcottsville

Tickets for the HALCOTTSVILLE EXPLORER are ONLY available from our Arkville Station.

Trains To Halcottsville:

Depart Arkville Arrive Halcottsville
10:30am 10:55am
12:30pm 12:55pm
2:30pm 2:55pm

Return Trains to Arkville:

Depart Halcottsville Arrive Arkville
11:15am 11:40am
1:15pm 1:40pm
3:15pm 3:40pm